HitKing Sports was founded in 1978, In the City of Springfield, Ohio.  Then known as Dan's Trophy, we started with an old Hermes pantograph engraver.

Dan's Trophy went through a multitude of stages and growth spurts over the years.  We were the first in Clark County to obtain and utilize a computer engraver.  We were the first to add a computerized embroidery machine.

We added a full screen printing and tackle twill department.  We began to seek and obtain contracts with several major universities across the USA.

We became one of the strongest graphic arts companies in the country.  Danny worked with Roland to utilize their plotters to cut HTV material and apply to garments.

In the 80's we were contracted to make merchandise for Pete Rose.  It was at that time we decided to adopt and register the name of HitKing Sports.  It was done in honor of Pete.  He is not nor has he ever been officially affiliated with our company beyond being a customer.

In 2004, HitKing branched out into the State of Florida.  The corporation began to diversify, involving themselves in real estate, restaurants, radio stations, charters and more.

It has always been our mission to deliver quality products with top notch service.  And to this day, no matter the endeavor, we continue to do so.

Our main operation is now located in Treasure Island, FL

Thank you for your loyal patronage over the years.